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Hook and Ladder Company Co. 2 (708)

LOCATED:  95 Lehrer Avenue


The summer of 1926 saw a group of neighbors, feeling the need for additional fire protection in the growing Elmont community, organize into what is now known as Truck 2, Elmont Fire Department. Hook and Ladder Company #2 of Elmont Inc. was originally located on Surprise Street on lots donated to the company by Joseph Nightingale, one of the charter members. The building was a simple wood frame structure erected by the members, and as legend has it, the foundation was dug using a plow pulled by a blind horse. The first floor was the apparatus room and the basement was the activity room. Over the years the structure was enlarged and improved. The first apparatus was a second hand unit and the equipment and protective clothing were basic to say the least. Alarms sounded by striking a steel ring with a large hammer. The "Firehouse" became the center of entertainment for the members and their families. It is said that for "Fifty Cents" one could have a pleasant night out with dancing and refreshments.

In 1928 with the organization of the Elmont Fire District, the independent fire companies were brought together as the Elmont Fire Department, the alarm gong was replaced by a state of the art alarm system. The second apparatus, to see service as Hook 2, was part of the fleet of three "American LaFrance" pumpers and two ladder trucks purchased by the District. Hook 2's firehouse was renovated to accommodate this new rig. Because of the weight of this truck anyone in the basement area could tell where the truck was, pulling out or backing in, by the movement of the ceiling.

In 1947 a Seagrave mid-mount 65-ft. 3 section metal Arial ladder replacing the American LaFrance unit was put into service as "Hook 2". Another renovation to quarters. This expansion now allowed for a meeting room and a separate double apparatus bay, the activity area was still in the basement. This unit was in service until being replaced by a 1959 Mack C85- Cab over motor 75 ft. 3 section mid mount Arial ladder truck. The Seagrave ladder truck went on in service in Historic Williamsburg Virginia.

In the late 60's the Company sold the building and grounds to the Fire District. The District erected a six bay structure, which served as Headquarters, housing the Truck Company 2, Heavy Rescue Company 1, and the Chiefs Office. This structure was renovated in 1999 adding two additional bays and extending the building one bay deeper. A training classroom, department meeting room and administrative offices were added at this time.

In 1975 a 100 ft. 4 section Rear-mount Maxim Ariel ladder truck took over duties as Truck 2.  In 1992 Truck 2 put into service a Spartan / LTI 100 ft. rear mount Ariel ladder unit. This unit remained in service until 2004. In June of 2004 we dedicated a new Spartan/LTI tiller with a 100 foot ladder .

During the over eighty years of service, the membership has compiled a remarkable record having had fifteen men achieve the rank of Chief of Department. Four members have served the Department for more than Fifty (50) years. To say that service in Hook & Ladder 2 is a family tradition under states the facts. Two of the senior members are sons of charter members and one is the grandson of a charter member.

Truck 2 responds to over 700 alarms per year.













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